COVID-19 affects the daily work in all schools. In the current situation,
which is strongly characterised by the effects of the contact restrictions due to the corona pandemic, it is clear that schools at all levels, which means primary, secondary and upper secondary level, face the challenge of teaching in online formats.
The Erasmus + project SAFE deals with this new and innovative way of learning and teaching in the age of digitization and COVID-19. It is part of the ERASMUS + school education program.

The SAFE partnership creates awareness of the need for a didactic and pedagogical approach to eLearning. SAFE’s approach focuses on the use of streaming in school education.
The project is working on a basic concept for integrating e-learning into daily classroom work. In this basic concept, teachers use tablets or laptops on which,for example, Blackboard applications such as LiveBoard, Doceri or Explain Everything are streamed, with the information
on these devices as well as the teacher’s language being streamed directly to the learners. The SAFE streaming concept is based on the DISK online model (Beutner / Pechuel).
DISK-Online stands for Didaktisch-Interaktives-Streaming-Konzept-Online (DISK-Didaktisch-Interaktives-Streaming-Konzept-Online – English acronym: Didactic Interactive Streaming Know-how ).
This approach was developed for dealing with the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the technological challenges facing schools and education.